Tadds - The ADministrator's Database System®

A database program for use by high school office staff and athletic directors

What are you interested in?

  Team management - schedules, rosters, equipment, public relations, Title 9, buses, emblems,...
  Student eligibility checking - GPA, F-count, subjects last/this semester, parent consent forms,
    insurance data, credits-towards-graduation, 4-year rule, age, medical holds, ...
  Student injury tracking - with reports by student, injury type and by activity involved
  Coach contract preparation - for both staff extra-duty and walk-on coaches
  Volunteer administration - non-staff event volunteer management
  Student work permits - preparation and tracking, letters to employers and parents, reports, ...
  Student transfer-out checklist - signoff list for teachers, athletic dept, ... Lists classes, debts, ...
  Community service tracking - detail and summary reports by student and class


  Uses data extracts from systems such as SASI to minimize typing needed of student data
  Output reports can be directed to printer, fax, pdf, Word, Excel, web pages, or e-mail
  Point/click oriented.  Easy to use. Includes extensive on-line help
  Windows-based, uses Access as a database.  Easy to install
  Quick learning curve - Free demo program available that has data for a fictional California
    school with some 2000 students and a hands-on tutorial for a quick how-to overview of Tadds
    functions and usage.  (You don't have to be a computer whiz to use it!)

If the data you manage every day is scattered all over the place and hard to locate or use, then you probably need to look at some Examples, or better yet, Download a free 60-day trial/demo copy.
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