Tadds - The ADministrator's Database System ®

10/27/12 - The following file is an example of how the input data files required by
                  Tadds' Auto QuickLoad utility function can be selected / modified by a
                  preprocessing step provided by the user.  It can be used as a basis for
                  your own TaddsGetQTxt.bat command file. 

        TaddsGetQTxt.JPG         For eSchool environment*.  Save it
                                                   to your My Documents folder, rename
                                                   it to TaddsGetQTxt.BAT and then edit
                                                   it as needed for your requirements

                                                * Code for Grade Marks 2 - 4 has yet to
                                                    be added to this example.

                                                 * This is not a .jpg file and will not display
                                                    anything.  Note the rename instruction.