Tadds - The ADministrator's Database System®

The following level 150705 files are now available for downloading:

    README.DOC       -  describes the install process (right-click to download).
    SETUPDe.EXE         -   to install a no-charge Tadds Demo system.
    SETUPLi.EXE          -   to install licensed (non-demo) flavors of Tadds.
    USER FILES...          -  samples of optional user-supplied control files.
    VideoClips             -  Various video clips showing overview, how-to's...

    Prior Levels             -  For licensed users that need to do a downlevel install of Tadds.

    The above files can be used to install/preview the following flavors of Tadds:
        Free evaluation system for 60-day trial/demo period.  Includes sample data for a typical
        2000+ student high school and a free 30-minute tutorial on how-to-use.  Sample student data
        can be discarded and system then used with live student data.  No charge for the trial period.
        Full-function system for use as a standalone Tadds system, but can be upgraded to a Site
        License at a later time.  Requires a user-license activation key to install.
        Full-function system to use in a LAN environment, with a central data server and 4 to 25
        user client systems.  Requires a site-license activation key to install.