Tadds - The ADministrator's Database System ®

Tadds Report Examples:

Tadds has a variety of predefined reports, and many of them allow the users to specify pertinent selection criteria such as sport, team or coach name, gender, grade, home/away status, facility, administrator, and season.
In addition to the predefined reports, most of the data-entry forms also can be used to create highly-customized report snapshots of the related data, and there are a number of predefined letters (and labels), most of which can be customized by the user before being printed.
Here are a few examples of the many available reports and letters:

Team Roster/Emergency Data

Event Schedule - Home

Customized Formletter (debt)

Team Schedule

Team Eligibility Status Report

CIF Eligibility Certification Ltr

Team Phonetree Dialing List

Opponent Schedule

Team Ranking - Avg. GPA

Team Public Relations Report

Bus Trips - Next 7 Days

Team GPA-by-Member

Student Is-On-Team Notice

Activity/Ethnicity Report

Sample generated webpages

Injury Incident Form

Football Away-Events

Team Equipment data panel

Injury Report - by activity

Monthly Event Calendar - 1

Student Equipment Listing

Injury Report - by type

Monthly Event Calendar - 2

Team Equipment Summary

Injury Report - by student

Community Svc - Recap

Team Equipment. Rollup

Injury Report - by date

Community Svc - Grad rqmt

Student Release-From-Class

Work Permit - California

Coach fingerprint... ck rpt

Pending Buses Worksheet

Work Permit probation letter

Volunteer background ck rpt

Officials staffing - status recap

Work Permit revoked letter

Volunteer Phone Tree List

Coaching Contract Rqst a

Work Permit - report 1

Volunteer Address List

Coaching Contract Rqst b

Work Permit - Arkansas

Team Career Recap rpt

Coaching Contract Rqst c

Student Transfer-Out CkList

Emblems to be Issued rpt

Coaching Contract Rqst d

FacilityUse (by facility)

FacilityUse (conflict rpt)

FacilityUse (calendar)

FacilityUse (by date rollup)

FacilityUse (see/fix conflicts)

Student Debts Recap Listing

Varsity Tri Athletes listing

Student Participation Letter





   1.  All samples were derived from the Tadds Demo system and use ficticious data.
   2.  Only the first page or so of multi-page reports are shown here.
   3.  Not all reports or letters are included above.  Install the Demo system to see them all.