Tadds - The ADministrator's Database System ®

Privacy Statement

JGK Associates' privacy policy is to not sell, lease, rent, share, loan, distribute, or give away its customer data, lists or sales records to other organizations or companies except when legally required to do so by court order or as part of legal procedures or obligations.

In addition, all data sent to JGK as part of a problem report is considered by JGK to be the personal property of the user and will be treated as USER CONFIDENTIAL and not divulged in either detailed or summarized manner to any other party outside of JGK.  The data will be erased by JGK after it is no longer needed by JGK for problem resolution.

Further, the various JGK web pages collect no user data unless it is explicitly supplied by the user (such as when completing an online order or signing a guestbook) and store no cookies on the user's system (except as may be required by third parties such as PayPal or BillPay).

Any changes to the above policy will be posted on this web page for at least 60 days prior to being implemented, and an e-mail notification allowing an opt-out option will be sent to those Tadds license holders for whom JGK has an e-mail address.

In the event Tadds is sold by JGK, JGK will make a reasonable attempt of ensuring that the subsequent Tadds owner continues the above policy