Tadds - The ADministrator's Database System ®

Coach Contract Preparation for High Schools:

      Intent to help in the initial stages of contract preparation and routing, before the
       contract is actually signed/approved/being handled by the school financial department.
      Flexible Comes with two predefined contract templates (Staff Extra-Duty and Walk-On)
        which can be modified by the user, or the user can add up to three more contract
        templates if reqired.
      Coach qualifications report to show status of each coach re CPR training, TB test date,
       fingerprinted status, background checked and 1st Aid certificate date.
      Contracts can be "cloned" from prior year's contracts either with or without the
        contractees assigned to the prior year's contracts, with the dates in the new contracts
        optionally calculated from prior year's contract dates.  (Saves a lot of typing!)
      Data is retained in Tadds until you explicity delete it.  (Useful in next-year planning or
       while "discussing" with your budget people what contracts existed last year!)
      Output reports can be directed to printer, fax, Word, Excel, e-mail or web pages.
      Output examplesStaff, WalkOn.