Tadds - The ADministrator's Database System ®

Student Transfer-Out Forms for High Schools:

      Intent to automate the process of creating student transfer-out checklist forms.

      Minimizes typing just enter the student's ID number, then the reason for transfer,
       the date of transfer, and (if known) the name of the destination school, city and state.

      Output a checklist showing the student's current class schedule, along with fields
        for teachers and administration to indicate their approval of the transfer.

        Also, if Tadds is being used to manage student team debts and equipment, the cost of
        any unreturned equipment and outstanding team debts is also calculated and shown.

      Reports none.  The checklist is the desired output.

      Special note this process does not modify any data in the Tadds database.  Think of
        it as a "smart typewriter" with read access to the Tadds database.

      Checklists can be directed to printer, fax, Word, Excel or e-mail.

      Output example:  Checklist