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Student Team Eligibility Checking for High Schools:

      Intent to automate the process of checking student team participation eligibility.
      Minimizes typing uses data extracts from your school's main student database, with
       total time from data extraction to printed reports normally in the 15 to 20 minute range!
      19 different tests can vary by team, with tests for GPA, F-counts, credits-last-semester,
        credits-this-semester, age (min and max), 4-year rule, parent consent form on file,
        insurance data current, physician's certificate current, date enrolled in school, date
        enrolled in 9th grade, probation, student team debts, credits-towards-graduation,
        emergency reference card, probation, citizenship/naughty flag and medical holds.
      User exit supports user addition of special eligibility tests unique to the school.
      Eligibility checked often each time a student is added to a team as well as each time
        the team roster is displayed or printed.
      Over-rideable can be ignored/overridden by user when desired.
      Reports by team.  Can show just students having eligibility problems or entire roster.
      Output examples -  Full Team, Exceptions Only, Team GPA ranking,  Team GPA lists.