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Note:  If when you play the clips you get audio but no video, then you need a special video codec,
          and this little exe (TSCC.exe, provided by the Camtasia folks) will install the codec on your
          system.  (Needs local administrator auth to do the install, but not to use the codec.)

Note:  FireFox browser users:   FireFox does not currently support viewing files that are formatted
          in the wmv format used by these video clips.  If you want to view them via a browser, we
          suggest that you use MicroSoft's Internet Explorer.  Or, you can download the file(s) to your
          computer and view them usins a media viewer such a Microsoft's Media Player.

overview.wmv  - A typical day's use by an Athletic Director. (20-minute, 8.7 MB)

useconflicts.wmv - Facility reservations and use overlap/conflict handling (9-minute, 6.5 MB).

BusRqsts.wmv - Bus Requests - setup, generation, printing/emailing, (23-minute, 16.7 MB)

Reports - Tips and Examples (coming soon).

Letters - Tips and Examples (coming soon).

Event Schedules - Entering, Changing, Reporting (coming soon).

Managing Staff Duty Roster Assignments (coming soon)

Tracking Team Equipment (coming soon).

Work Permits (coming soon...)

Tracking Community Service (coming soon...)

Team Emblem/Block Letter Management, ... (coming soon).

Injury Tracking (coming soon).

Creating Web Pages containing Team Schedules (coming soon)

Coach Clone Systems (coming soon).