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Recent updates to the Tadds:


Downloads:  Updated to level 150705.  Fixed install process to work in Windows 10
                     environment by eliminating a  "No space on target volume" message on
                     BackEnd install and a spurious "Module TaddsEM.exe is in use" message
                     on FrontEnd installs.   Cleaned up the process of autoloading Aeries-
                     generated student data to literally be a two-click operation.  Added the
                     ability to specify a person named "TBD" when supplying the name of the
                     person that is requesting a Facilities Reservation.  Added the ability for
                     the user to modify the default student maximum working hours that pop
                     up when generating a (California) Minor's Work Permit.


Downloads:  Updated to level 140830.  Tadds now generates (California) Minor's
                     Work Permits (Form B1-4) that are in the Feb/2014 format .


Updated DEMO data to school year 20112/2013.  (Will self-update for future years.)


Downloads:  Updated to level 110815.  Changed processing of e-School data to
                     accept data as a .txt or as a .csv file.  Added option to School Information
                     panel to enable/disable the "second student ID" feature.


Downloads:  Updated to level 110511.  Added support of e-School as a source of
                     student data for loading into Tadds.  More user-feedback during the
                     auto-load process.  Support of the AERIES second-ID number for
                     students.  More options on the Student Transfer/Withdrawal and Senior
                     Checkout forms.  Moved default installation folder location out of the
                     "C:\Program Files" directory (for running in Windows 7 environment).


Downloads:  Updated to level 100112.  Added a PriorLevels link on Downloads page
                     to allow selected earlier levels of Tadds to remain downloadable.  Fixed
                     the example Q1 query for doing data extracts from Aeries systems.  Fixed
                     a text vertical spacing problem on the Work Experience Evaluation Form.                    


Downloads:  Updated to level 90916.  Adds support of AERIES as a source of
                     student data for loading into Tadds.  Modifies the AutoLoad process
                     so it now reports "Records In" and "Records Processed OK" counts.
                     Major upgrade of the Student Community Service Tracking function.
                     Adds ability of having "Non-Compete" team members to Athletic Teams.
                     Adds an "About" option to the Tadds menu bar.  Corrects a problem
                     that prevented numerous data fields from having the correct help panel
                     displayed when the F1 key was pressed.