Tadds - The ADministrator's Database System ®

Tadds- A sports software database program for high school athletic directors and office staff.

      Helps  automate various procedures that are normally done manually.
      Uses data extracts from systems such as SASI to minimize typing needed.
      Point/click oriented.  Easy to use. Includes extensive on-line help.
      Easy to install.  Uses Windows (95 or higher) and Access (97 or higher).
      Quick learning curve with a one-hour hands-on tutorial provided to give quick how-to
        overview of functions and usage.  (You don't have to be a computer whiz to use it!)
      See Examples and FAQ and VideoClips pages for additional information.

 Available in the following "flavors":

     Demo - Fully functional, with sample data for a typical California high school with
     2000+ students.  Free for 60 days.
     Single User - for one person to use at school and at home. Fee.
     Site License - for 4 to 25 networked users to use at school and at home. Fee.

 If you were describing Tadds to someone, you might use the following phrases:

      Rosters emergency data, eligibility status, phone lists, announcers' listings,
        P/R listings, coaches/staff assignments, volunteer schedules,
      Schedules team events, staffing and volunteer assignments and resource requests.
        Wide variety of predefined reports:  by team, activity, resource (bus, security, ),
        event, duty roster, person assigned, ..., location, and even one that shows overlapping
        use of facilities.  Many report options (examples: by team, activity, timeframe (today,
        next 7-days, monthly, season, year), ...
      Eligibility checking.  Fourteen different eligibility criteria are standard, with
       option for user-defined criteria.
      Injury tracking with medical holds, with reports by injury type, student, sport,
      Resource management bus/officials/security/custodian/medical/ request
        scheduling, canceling and rescheduling, with a variety of different report options.
      Equipment inventory control three types of team equipment:  loaned, sold,
       and granted, with automatic provision for tracking debts and unreturned items.
      Team emblem control Managing assignment of team career emblems such as stars,
        stripes, small letter blocks, block letters, etc.  Calculates which emblems students have
        earned and reports the emblems already issued and those yet to be issued.
      Form letters wide variety of letters pre-defined, with user additions supported.
      Coach contract generation for both walk-on and staff coaches
      Output reports can be directed to printer, fax, Word, Excel, e-mail or web pages.
        Includes pre-built index of web pages for a typical high school athletic program.