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Known Problems:

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Sneak-peek window in Facility Reservations function would not display datta.  Is fixed in level 90821.


pre 81003

Error in Team Schedule Report that caused report to fail to open when run on a
system using Access 2007.


pre 70222

Error in "Add Student to Team Roster" function that prevents the display of Activities if the Activity Scope is set to All. Fixed in level 70222.


pre 60925

Rosters of Academic "teams" can not be displayed.  Fixed in level 60925.


pre 60925

Signature blocks of user-saved letter definitions (may) have spurious ampersand-
variable included in letter output.  Fixed in level 60925.



Emblem data not being imported by the Export/Import utility.  Export works, but the import process fails to read the exported data.  Fixed in level 41206.



If you use level 40910 to do an Tadds reinstall over an existing FE, SU or DE system, after the install completes you will find that there is a Pkunzip window left hanging (open), with a message re files already existing .   Bypass:  Just respond to the window messsage with an "Overwrite All" response.  Fixed in level 40920.


pre 40822

Apparently over the summer break, some SASI systems changed the definition of their Gender field to be a one-character field (M/F) instead of a multi-character field (Male/Female).  This causes the Tadds QuickLoad utility to reject the (now presumed to be bad) data row, thus causing all students to be shown in Tadds as having been transfered out of the school.  Code has been added to Tadds level 40822 to handle either flavor of Gender fields.  (Note:  If you have experienced this problem, do not discard your database.  You can resurrect your status="A" students by doing a QuickLoad of the SASI data after installing level 40822.)


pre 40810

When running under Access 2003, unable to start Tadds because of Access 2003 warning message regarding some unfound function or service.  Fixed in 40810.


pre 40624

Excessive application load-time on some systems when used with Access 200x, where the time to start Tadds can take 15-30 seconds instead of the normal 2-3 seconds on a fast system.  Fixed in 40624.

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