Tadds - The ADministrator's Database System ®

  Tip 1:  Things to do at the end of a school year:
Close out the old year and start a new one by:
1.  Create a master data-diskette of your old year's data by doing a data Export.  Write-protect
          it and mark it as your 03/04 (for example) schoolyear data archive diskette.
     2.  On a HomeClone (or your SingleUser) system, import the above data archive diskette
          and then copy the Tadds_xx.mdb and Tadds.mdw files to an archive area on your hard
          disk (for future reference purposes).  Then put the diskette in a safe place.
     3.  Perform the End-of-Season functions to close out the old season and start a new one.
     4.  Perform the End-of-Year utility functions.  Refer to online help if necessary.
     5.  Set the new School Year-ID in the School Information panel.
     6.  Set the new school year Started On: date in the School Information panel.
     7.  Set the new Work Permits Expire On: date in the School Information panel.
     8.  Set the new current semester nbr (most likely will be "1") in the School Information panel.
     9.  Update the School Information panel with other related data such as new names of
          Principal, Athletic Director, Secretary, new phone/fax numbers and so on.
   10.  Replace the signature form-letter overlay files for new people.  (Use the online
          Tadds help and search for Signatures for information regarding doing this.)
   11.  Renew your license (Use the Tadds Utility function to generate a request to do this.)
   12.  For site licenses, use the utility Edit Max Users List to delete any entries for people
          (actually, their pc systems) that are no longer present.
   13,  Check your Contacts (people) data for folks that are no longer part of your staff and
          set their status to "I " for inactive.  Add new folks as you think of them.
   14.  Check your Opponents info for new/moved opponents, updating things like the names
          and phone numbers of their AD and ASB people.  If they've moved, check the new
          travel distance and times.
   15.  Check your Service Providers table for accuracy.  You may find that you have new or
          out-of-business providers, along with their rates and phone/fax numbers.
   16.  Take a spin through your Administrators table making sure that it is correct.
   17.  Look at your Facilities table to verify its accuracy and completeness.
   18.  If your school uses "graduation credits" as an eligibility criteria, make sure that you
          have added the necessary entries to the Graduation Credits Parameters table and that
          the entries are correct for the new year..
   19.  Check the eligibility defaults in the Activity Types (athletic, especially) table.    Look
          particularly at the DOB (date of birth), DOE (date of entry  into school), DOE-9th
          (date of entry into 9th grade) and the date of the physician's certificate.  Use the online
          help to get information regarding these rules.  In addition, check the other defaults for
          the activities (such as home-facility and league names...).
   20.  Assuming you've created a set of activities for the new year, also check their eligibility
          rules for accuracy, considering the same things as in tip 19.
   21.  If your Tadds Status (on the Tadds Main Menu) has any old stuff left in it from the
          previous year, delete it and add any  new info which you may have for the new year.
   22.  Remind yourself that the above steps are going to make your life easier for the next 9
          months.  A few minutes spent here can save you hours later on...
   23.  Check the Tadds web site to see if there is a later version of Tadds available.  You
          may want to update your system to take advantage of new functions or fixes.

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