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Tip 7:   Preventing people from self-authorizing use of a Tadds FE system....

Sometimes Site License administrators may find they are authorized more FrontEnd users than they actually want to be able to use the Tadds system.  This leads to a possible data security problem since   if your MaxUsers limit has not yet been reached and an unknown user starts a Tadds FE system (using his/her previously unknown-to-Tadds userid), Tadds will automatically assign that (new) userid a slot in the MaxUsers table.

For example, you may have a MaxUsers limit of 12 but only want 10 specific people to be able to use Tadds, with additional users not desired unless they are added by the Tadds Administrator.

This problem can be solved by the following three-step process, with steps 1 and 2 being good advice for all SiteLicense installations regardless of the MaxUsers circumstances:

    1.  If any of your FE systems have a MaxUsers table entry of *.sysid (where sysid is the FE's machine id as known on the LAN), make sure that each such FE system has a Tadds User Password assigned. (All users of that FE system will be required to supply that password.)

    2.  Users of other FE systems that may be left unattended and logged on to the LAN should also assign themselves a Tadds user password.

    3.  To prevent automatic authorization of new users, the MaxUsers table needs to contain an entry for each authorized user slot (which are numbered 101, 102,  ..., 1nn where nn is your MaxUsers limit.).  The Tadds Administrator can add dummy entries for unassigned slots by:

      a.  Start Tadds FE, click on the Utilities... button.
      b.  Click on the Edit MaxUsers List button.
      c.  Supply the Tadds Administrator's password (we suggest you use one).
      d.  Examine the displayed table of data.  If slots 101, 102, ..., 1nn are all present,
           then you are done.  Otherwise continue to the next step.
      e.  Add a row to the table for each missing 1xx slot number.  You do this by clicking
           on the button labeled Fill unused slots with dummy entries.

    That's it.  You are done.

    (Just remember to delete one of the dummy entries before you try to authorize a new
    Tadds FE user sometime in the future...)